Shooting for sale

Shooting for sale
Shooting for sale is available through the Stobgreen Shooting Syndicate. Sohot days to let include Rough Shooting Days, Semi Driven Game Shooting Days, Pheasant Shooting, Duck Flighting, Vermin Shooting, Shooting Holidays, Coarse Fishing, Partridge Shooting and Goose Shooting. The syndicate shoots every week during the Shooting season and also have closed season oppurtunities to shoot Pigeons, Rabbits and vermin. Shooting is located in Upper Teedsale, South West Durham.

The Stobgreen Shooting Syndicate is a non-profit making Shooting Syndicate run for the benefit of it's members and all proceeds are invested into improving and increasing the shooting opportunities. The Stobgreen Shooting syndicate is not run with a fully subscribed membership but left with between 2 and 4 places per day which can be offered to occasional guests  and this has always worked well for those who would like to shoot with the syndicate but cannot commit to a full season.

Sports and Sporting Ltd take no payment for arranging shooting with the Stobgreen Syndicate although, as members of the syndicate ourselves, we are fortunate to use the shoot for product testing and marketing.
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