Metal Dead Bird Decoy Cradle

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Most shooters who regularly decoy will know that the best decoys you can have are dead birds but you can improve them further with the use of a dead bird cradle which holds them off the ground to increase visibility.

The Sports and Sporting Pro-Staff are also work for Pennine Pest Control and they are out shooting Pigeons. Rooks, Jackdaw’s and Crows over decoys 4-5 days a week so that gave the ideal opportunity for us to trial our metal Dead Bird Decoy Cradles.

The Dead Bird Cradles are a sturdy metal construction and pack together conveniently taking up minimal room. They cradles are sold in packs of 10 with them costing under £3 each and that is less than the cost of a cheap Shell Pigeon Decoy.

So how do the Dead Bird Cradles work and what are the benefits? The cradles are designed to hold the dead bird up off the ground in a realistic position which substantially increases their visibility providing a great attractor from a long distance. At the bottom of this blog is a photo of a dead bird set out on grass without and then with the cradle and it’s pretty clear what a massive difference the Dead Bird Cradle makes. Although we have just used a grass field to illustrate the difference it’s when you start decoying over laid crops, stubbles and taller OSR that you will reap the benefits of Dead Bird Decoy Cradles. Anyone who decoys a lot Pigeons will know the benefits of dead birds over plastic decoys and the plain fact is the real thing will outperform it’s plastic decoy cousins. At Sports and Sporting we always keep a few dead birds in the freezer of the chiller to help get our next day started. Dead Bird Cradles have a small initial cost (less than a plastic decoy) but they will outlast any plastic decoy so not only will they outperform a plastic decoy they will also cost less and last longer so it’s a bit of a no brainer!

Dead Bird Decoy Cradle with Jackdaw

Metal Dead Bird Decoy Cradle

Dead bird without the Cradle


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