Jack Pyke Hide Poles and Carry Case Field Tests

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Sports and Sporting Pro-Staff are also a part of the Pennine Pest Control helping landowners in the North of England with Crop Protection so through that outfit and also a winters wildfowling we have had ample opportunity to fully test the Jack Pyke Hide Poles.

The Jack Pyke Hide Poles come in a set of 4 Poles which are stored in a camouflage bag, the bag has an adjustable shoulder carry strap. The Poles have a sturdy kickplate spike on the base and a large main spike so they are easy to get into the ground and very secure. The poles have an adjustable height through a twist grip and at the top of each pole is a net grip. The poles themselves are very durable although reasonably lightweight and painted green.

Over winter Sam and I were out wildfowling 3-4 days a week and once the season ended we have been out Pigeon Decoying 4-5 days a week so we have given these Hide Poles a very good test. They have given no problems or concerns functioning perfectly and reliably. Sam’s dog, Tide, usually ends up tied to one of the poles when he’s in the hide so he’s thoroughly tested the strength of the poles!!The base spike and kick plate is sturdy and the ideal length making it easy to get them into the hardest winter ground and given a secure hold so they are not falling or blowing over. There’s a good range of height adjustment and the twist grip adjusters have given no problems. The clips at the top of the poles hold the hide securely and are a flexible plastic so no issues with them snapping. The storage bag does its job perfectly and when not needed it folds up and stores away easily

The Hide Poles are available through Sports and Sporting by clicking here.

Jack Pyke Hide Poles

Hide Poles

Hide Poles Ground Spike

Hide Poles
Hide Pole Twist Grip



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