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If you are looking for a Christmas Shooting Gift then one of our best selllers in the run up to Christmas 2017 were the attractive Diamond Pattern Extra Long Shooting Stockings which are ideal for wearing with wellies and shooting breeks. 

​These shooting socks have a traditional ribbed knit with contrasting diamond pattern turnover top and matching Garter Tie Set. The socks are available in a good range of colours, red, blue and green. The contrasting diamond pattern and garters give the socks that whow factor and make them stand out without going over tthe top.

As we head into November we see the Pheasant Shooting season in full swing and it's about this time we find that at worse we have lost one of our Shooting Socks or at best the old Spaniel has chewed a hole in one so now is maybe the time to look for a new pair of Shooting Socks. 

​Continuing with the fashion for eye catching Shooting Stocking that make a statement the Jack Pyke Harlequin Pattern Shooting Socks come in three attractive colours (Green, Red or Purple) and are complete with contrasting Sock Garters. They are made from 30% Wool and 70% Acrylic to give warmth, comfort and durability. Size 8 to 11.

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Most shooters who regularly decoy will know that the best decoys you can have are dead birds but you can improve them further with the use of a dead bird cradle which holds them off the ground to increase visibility.

The Sports and Sporting Pro-Staff are also work for Pennine Pest Control and they are out shooting Pigeons. Rooks, Jackdaw’s and Crows over decoys 4-5 days a week so that gave the ideal opportunity for us to trial our metal Dead Bird Decoy Cradles.

The Dead Bird Cradles are a sturdy metal construction and pack together conveniently taking up minimal room. They cradles are sold in packs of 10 with them costing under...

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Sports and Sporting Pro-Staff are also a part of the Pennine Pest Control helping landowners in the North of England with Crop Protection so through that outfit and also a winters wildfowling we have had ample opportunity to fully test the Jack Pyke Hide Poles.

The Jack Pyke Hide Poles come in a set of 4 Poles which are stored in a camouflage bag, the bag has an adjustable shoulder carry strap. The Poles have a sturdy kickplate spike on the base and a large main spike so they are easy to get into the ground and very secure. The poles have an adjustable height through a twist grip and at the top of each pole is a net grip. The poles...

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We've just had into stock today a new range of well priced and very attractive Shooting Ties in a vaiety of designs including flying Pheasant, Duck and Shotgun Cartridges. Colour wise they come in a Burgundy or Green which are a nice subdued colour to contrast with shooting clothing. These shooting ties are ideal for Game Shooting, Beaters, Gamekeepers, Wildfowling and Countrywear.

​At just £11.95 each they are an inxepensive Christmas Gift and ideal as a Stocking Filler ready for that Boxing Day Shoot.

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Wildfowling.....some days all you get is cold and wet! A few folks I've spoken to recently had looked through my wildfowling albums and having seen some really good bags thought this wildfowling caper was a walk in the park. Well it doesn't always go to plan and I guess there's as many blanks as success's and even success only comes about after investing an awful lot of time in reconissance and preparation. 

Today we had an unfailing plan but it....errr....failed! We knew where the ducks would be and we knew when they'd be there and they were....we could see them from half a mile away. Only problem was after walking for miles, and...

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Our son, Sam, is the Underkeeper at our Stobgreen & Deepdale Shoots and as he's on the ground shooting and gamekeeping daily we do use him for a lot of our demanding product testing and reviews. Sam tested one of our V-Neck Green Shooting Jumpers during the whole of last season shooting in it at least once weekly and he continues to use the same shooters pullover this season.

Well a year and roughly 25 shoots days on from when Sam first used his Shooters Pullover for Grouse Shooting at our place in August 2015 I can report that it still looks just as good as new. This is a remarkably hard wearing fine knit jumper which has perfectly...

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In term's of shooting sports it's hard to find anything more demanding than proper coastal wildfowling so it's good to report that the Jack Pyke Maxi Duck Decoy Bag that I've used for the last 3 wildfowling season's is still going strong. Only issue I did have was at the start of  this season when I found that after I'd abandoned the Decoy Bag in the garden shed for the last 6 months the zips had seized up but fortunately a splash of Stormsure Zip-Oil freed them up and all is good again.

Sam and I were out today for morning flight on the Solway in pursuit of a few ducks. It was an early start from home with an 0300 depart so we would...
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